Hanna Plaß is an actress, director and musician based in Berlin.

Supported by Initiative Musik gGmbH with project funds from the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and Media.


Hanna Plaß was born 1989 in London. At the age of three her family moved back to Fichtelgebirge Germany where she grew up. During her school time she played in several bands and gathered her first professional experience from 2005-2008 with AnnA. The band released two records and toured through Germany from small clubs to bigger festivals. She also played small parts at the local openair theatre, Luisenburg-Festspiele Wunsiedel. From 2008-2011 she studied acting at Otto Falckenberg Schule in Munich. In this time she made music under the artist name Ginger Redcliff.

In collaboration with Tom Bola they released the EP Me & Mr. Bola (2009) and the LP Note (2012) and continuously toured through Germany. Within this time she also wrote songs for the band HENKE, who she went on tour with twice. In her last year of acting school Hanna worked with Armin Petras for the first time. The work led to her becoming part of Petras ensemble at Schauspiel Stuttgart in 2013. Here she worked with many different directors and developed own concepts for music theatre like Beautiful Strangers and Chelsea Hotel. The combination of music and theatre expanded into opera for Fairy Queen, a cooperation between Staatsoper and Schauspiel Stuttgart. A year later she started to work as a freelancer and continued her opera work in Bremen and Berlin.
Alongside her stage performances, Hanna continuously played in cinema and TV-productions since finishing her acting studies. With her parting from Schauspiel Stuttgart in 2018 she started working on her own music again, which led to the EP On Track in 2022.